Episode # 50 – What are our plans for 2021 Conferences?

In our 50th episode we wanted to talk about our plans in 2021 for conferences and events and our hope to back in person when it is safe to travel again. We talk about the following conferences: M365 Virtual Marathon, Microsoft 365 Collaboration Hybrid Conference (June 2021), SharePoint Fest in Chicago, FC and Dallas, North American Collaboration Summit, European Collaboration Summit, and Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference in Vegas in December 2021.


Episode # 31 – The best way to keep up with M365 changes and updates so you stay ahead of your users

Microsoft 365 Admins have the challenge to keep up with all the updates rolled out with the platform and will need a way to stay ahead of the users when it comes to changes. In this episode, we suggest multiple ways for the M365 Admins to make sure they are not overwhelmed with the constant changes, how to delegate and where to keep up with the evolving cloud.


Episode # 23 – Microsoft 365 is huge, where would you recommend companies start?

In this episode, we discuss the big question where you should start implementing Microsoft 365. There are many ways to deploy M365 and we review the best practice scenarios of which service to do first, but we also dive into the exceptions that companies must do. Even with the exceptions, we recommend some standard practices any organization should follow to have a proper deployment of the cloud without many re-dos or re-configurations.


Episode # 21 – How fast can you realistically move an organization into Microsoft 365 during COVID?

In this episode, we address the question on how fast we can onboard an organization into the Microsoft cloud. We review the deployment of the platform within normal circumstances and during COVID, explaining what organizations are doing to fast track the enablement of remote users. We also address how you can follow proper procedures to implement best practices when it comes to Security, Governance, and user adoption, even if you have accelerated the deployment of the Microsoft 365 services.


Episode # 1 – Introducing M365 Voice

In this short episode, we will briefly talk about the M365 Voice podcasts, the purpose and the details of our future podcasts. This is an introductory podcast about the M365 VoicePodcast; it describes the type of podcasts, the frequency and the format. We will be talking about the Microsoft M365 suite, specifically about #Office365, #EMS, and #Windows10. Our Podcast will be monthly published on this site, YouTube channel and Apple Podcast.


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About The site

M365 Voice is a weekly podcast dedicated to share information with the community about the Microsoft 365 platform that includes Office 365, Windows 10 and EMS. Our podcasts will be 20 minutes each and will cover new features, updates, best practices and other ideas about the platform. We will also host guests from the community and from different Microsoft Product Group members.