Episode # 55 – What is self-service licensing in Microsoft 365?

In this episode we review the concept of self-service licensing where Microsoft 365 users will be allowed to purchase licensing independently from their corporate license, using a corporate or personal credit card. This self-service licensing applies to Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Microsoft Project, and Visio. We opt-out options for administrators and some tips on how to better manage your licenses in your tenant.


Episode # 47 – How do you manage your work tasks

In this episode, we share with you our experience on how we manage our work tasks. We talk about Outlook tasks, To Do and Planner and share our ways to manage our daily lives.


Episode # 46 – Using Default Labels in Microsoft Information Protection

In this episode we are answering a question whether organizations user a default label when using Microsoft Information Protection. We dive into the details of MIP, what are the most commonly deployed labels, how to configure them and more information on how you can secure your data with MIP.


Episode # 41 – Our Microsoft 365 favorite moments of 2020

In this episode, we do a year in review of 2020 and what were our personal favorite moments of 2020. We talk about various technical and no-technical events, features, community contributions and the lifestyle changed by Covid-19. We reviewed many new features, and we shared our perspectives on each one of them. This is the last episode of 2020 and we will resume in early 2021 with the hope of a better year ahead. Happy New Year!


Episode # 39 – How do you know how many labels to use in Microsoft Information Protection?

In this episode we discuss how you can deploy Microsoft Information Protection labels. Should you use the out of the box labels, should you add more, and if you do, what is the magic number of sensitivity labels you should have in your tenant? We also talk about options on the deployment of the labels, best practices and what you should do and not do.


Episode # 28 – How can organizations today stay on top of changes in M365?

Changes in Microsoft 365 are constant, and organizations always need to stay on top of the changes and how to address them. In this episode, we address how M365 admins can manage all the changes to make sure any updates are handled appropriately within the tenant. We review many different options to stay connected to all the changes and what are the best strategies to deal with this evolving cloud world.


Episode # 27 – Immediate steps to take when you experience a data breach in Microsoft 365

In this episode, we dive into security in Microsoft 365. Like nay other platform, hackers may attempt to get into your tenant to phish for information and cause disturbance in your daily work life. We review options on what to do when you have a data breach in M365 and what actions you should take to correct the breach. We also discuss measures that you can take to minimize the data breach and secure your tenant from future attacks.


Episode # 25 – which Microsoft 365 mobile apps do you use the most and why

In this episode, we discuss our most used Microsoft 365 mobile apps and which ones we use the most. We do another round table where we share our personal experience and the mobile apps and how we use them on daily basis.


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