Episode # 26 – How do you refer to Team’s Teams, Planner’s Plan, etc. in your organization?

A common question and scenario we always face in our daily lives is how we refer to services in Microsoft 365. Few of the users are confused by the terms that are not familiar with and do not call the instance related to a service in its proper term. For example, we hear Team’s Teams or Planner’s Plan to refer to a Team or a Plan, where many users feel they are being repetitive. This episode shows our experience in the platform and how we converse with each other on a daily basis with the proper Microsoft 365 terms.


Episode # 22 – What are the top 5 Teams features every business user should know

We address a new question in this episode about the top 5 Teams features any business user should know. We think there is a long list of great Teams features that everyone should know, and we address them in a fun round robin game. Each one of us presented a personal favorite Teams feature and described its functionality and why we like it. We hope you enjoy them as well!


Episode # 18 – What to use when? When to use a Teams Private Channel vs. Yammer Community or SharePoint site?

In this episode we are addressing a new question on what to use when. When is a good case to use a Microsoft Teams Private Channel vs. a Yammer Community or a SharePoint site? This is a very common scenario we all run into when deploying Microsoft 365 to organizations. We answer this question by providing examples and suggestions on the use cases of each of the platform. We cover how to deal with Private Channels in Teams, what it means to have a private Yammer Community, or if you prefer to have a Private SharePoint Team Site. And of course, we did this over another wine/beer tasting but with a twist!


Episode # 15 – How do you manage a Teams Deployment and implement Teams Governance

In this episode, we are addressing a new question about Teams Deployment and Teams Governance. With Covid-19 and many if us are working remotely, a lot of organizations are taking the fast track to migrate to the Microsoft cloud to keep their employees connected. This requires organizations to properly plan the deployment of Microsoft Teams and put some governance structure around to make sure they don’t end up with a Teams sprawl. This episode will address some of the options to quickly deploy Microsoft Teams without compromising its governance.


Episode # 13 – How do you manage your content lifecycle from Microsoft Teams to your corporate Intranet?

If you are new to Microsoft 365 or you have been using SharePoint for years and you are deploying Microsoft Teams, how do you manage the lifecycle of a document? Many organizations have Microsoft Teams for either private departmental collaboration, projects collaboration, etc. and they share information publicly to the Organization via an Intranet. Some use cases will require a department like HR, IT, Finance, etc., to share documents out of Teams to the Intranet so they are accessible by everyone.

This episode addresses many options regarding the management of your documents and a recommended approach to facilitate the document routing from Teams to everyone.


Episode # 10 – Microsoft Teams Private Channel

This episode covers what are the Private Channels in Microsoft Teams, how they behave and what is the underlying design of them.

We will cover the functional limitation, architecture, and the use cases to deploy a Private Channel vs. a New Microsoft Team.


Episode # 9 – Working from home

In this episode, we share our experience in working from home and how we are leveraging technologies like Microsoft Teams to stay connected with your peers. In addition to sharing our daily activities in a WFH environment, we dive into some Microsoft Teams features that will be very helpful in managing your online meeting and video chats.


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