Episode # 71 – How do you use Planner in your day-to-day life

In this episode, we discuss our personal experiences in using Planner to manage our daily activities. We share with our audience quick tips on creating and managing tasks, how do we create sub-tasks and our preferences in using Planner for our projects. We show a demo how you can quickly stand up a new Planner and assign tasks in a timely manner.


Episode # 59 – How do you use Planner?

In this episode, we discuss the use of Planner in our project, how do we take advantage of its features and what are the gotchas in this product. We also compare Planner to other tools and what to use best and when.


Episode # 26 – How do you refer to Team’s Teams, Planner’s Plan, etc. in your organization?

A common question and scenario we always face in our daily lives is how we refer to services in Microsoft 365. Few of the users are confused by the terms that are not familiar with and do not call the instance related to a service in its proper term. For example, we hear Team’s Teams or Planner’s Plan to refer to a Team or a Plan, where many users feel they are being repetitive. This episode shows our experience in the platform and how we converse with each other on a daily basis with the proper Microsoft 365 terms.


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