Episode 117 – Copilot Governance and ROI with Andy Huneycutt

We are happy to welcome Andy Huneycutt, a Microsoft MVP, an enterprise collaboration specialist and a copilot expert, to this episode of our Copilot for M365 series. In this podcast, we talk about the main topic of how Copilot adoption differs from other platforms, how to assess the return on investment (ROI), and how to manage Copilot for M365 effectively.

Episode 116 – Copilot Experience with Mark Rackley

For our Copilot series’ 5th episode from the Microsoft 365 Community Conference in Orlando, we asked Marck Rackley, Microsoft 365 MVP about his personal experience with Copilot with Microsoft 365. He told us about how he uses Copilot for M365 and gave us some examples of his favorite prompts.


Episode 115 – Extending Copilot with Mark Rackley

In this episode, we are live from the Microsoft 365 Community Conference, where we have Microsoft MVP Mark Rackley as our guest to talk about how to extend Copilot. He tells us about the different ways to customize and enhance Copilot for Microsoft 365, such as using graph connectors, plugins, and Copilot studio. Then we explore the challenges of grounding, governance, and the skillsets required to build custom Copilots.


Episode 114 – Copilot Experience with Laurie Pottmeyer

For our Copilot series’ 3rd episode from the Microsoft 365 Community Conference in Orlando, we met Laurie Pottmeyer, Microsoft 365 MVP Lead at Microsoft. She told us about how she uses Copilot for M365 and gave us some examples of her favorite prompts.


Episode 113 – Introduction to Copilot for Microsoft 365

Live from the Microsoft 365 Community Conference in Orlando, we discuss the basics of Copilot for Microsoft 365. In this intro episode 2 of the Copilot series, we discuss the different types of Copilots, the features, and licenses that are available for users and organizations. We dive into what Copilot Free, Pro and Copilot for M365 offers and what are the differences between all of them.


Episode 112 – Microsoft Copilot – Responsible AI and Code of Conduct

This is the first episode of a series about Microsoft Copilot, where we explain how Copilot works, how it behaves and how to get your organization ready for it. We talk about Microsoft’s responsible AI framework and its principles for making and using AI technologies. We also talk about why organizations need a code of ethics or an acceptable use policy for generative AI tools, and we give some examples of the risks and challenges of using generative AI tools with sensitive or regulated data, like healthcare or financial data.


Episode 111 – Microsoft Loop

In this episode, we’re breaking down Microsoft Loop, focusing on its components and workspaces. We’ll explain how they differ, how they work together, where they’re stored, and how they boost productivity. Plus, we’ll demonstrate how Loop integrates with Outlook and Teams with some practical examples.


Episode 110 – What are all the Data Loss Prevention tools in M365?

In this episode, we talk about Microsoft Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools in M365 and how does it work in Microsoft Teams. We deep dive into the 4 different types of DLPs in M365:

  1. Cloud DLP: for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams
  2. Endpoint DLP: for the Endpoints, like Windows 10, 11, and other devices
  3. DLP for non-Microsoft cloud repositories: enforced through Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps (DLP for Cloud App Security)
  4. On-premises DLP


Episode 109 – Accessibility within Microsoft tools

In this episode, we continue our talk about the accessibility features within Microsoft, and specifically the ease-of-use features of:

  1. Focus feature on Windows 11
  2. Color filters feature in Windows 11
  3. Read aloud, a feature that we had fun trying out during the podcast and it worked really well.


Episode 108 – When do you a Teams Shared Channel vs. Teams shared externally with a guest

In this episode, we’re addressing a question from the audience about when to use a Teams Shared Channel versus just sharing a Team externally with a guest for outside collaboration. We break down the main differences between the two, talk about the pros and cons of each, and share some tips on how to make the most out of both options in different situations.


Episode 107 – Accessibility in Microsoft 365

In this episode, Sarah shares with us her work and experience with the accessibility features in Microsoft 365. M365 offers a lot of ways to overcome accessibility in many services, however in this episode, we focus on 4 items:

  • Personalized closed captioning in Teams meetings
  • Personal transcription settings and the filter on specific words
  • Immersive Reader
  • Inline translation

In the future, we will be hosting another episode to talk about more accessibility elements in M365.


Episode 106 – How do you choose between Azure AI Services, Copilot and SharePoint Premium and when?

In this episode, we address a question from our audience about when to use Azure AI Services, Copilot or Microsoft Syntex. We will review the use cases for each scenario, what to use when and what are the advantages of each Microsoft AI service.


Episode 105 – The new colored folder feature in OneDrive

In this episode, we answer a question from the audience: When would you use the new colored folder feature in OneDrive for Business and is it worthwhile to use?


Episode 104 – Viva Amplify with Liz Sundet

In this episode, we are excited to host a special guest, Liz Sundet, Senior Program Manager, Customer Experience at Microsoft, to talk to us about Viva Amplify. Viva Amplify is a new tool that helps you communicate effectively with your employees. Liz shares with us how this App lets you orchestrate your corporate communications, publish, and analyze your news, marketing campaign and posts, in one place. We also dive into where Viva Amplify is built on, and where it pushes the news and posts to different platforms within Microsoft 365.


Episode 103 – Microsoft 365 Unified Audit Log

In this episode, we take a comprehensive plunge into the Microsoft Purview Unified Audit log, unraveling its capacity to enable organizations in vigilant monitoring and meticulous activity tracking. Our dialogue encompasses the significance of Microsoft Purview Audit Premium, set to be free with E3 or E5 this September. We also discuss the Storm-0558 threat that took place in July 2023, and how Microsoft responded to mitigate this issue. Moreover, we outline the distinct divergences within the Audit logs, contingent on the utilization of either an E3 or E5 license.

Important links:

  1. Analysis of Storm-0558 techniques for unauthorized email access: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security/blog/2023/07/14/analysis-of-storm-0558-techniques-for-unauthorized-email-access/
  2. Microsoft Blog announcing the new change to audit events that are available with standard licenses: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security/blog/2023/07/19/expanding-cloud-logging-to-give-customers-deeper-security-visibility/?ranMID=24542&ranEAID=TnL5HPStwNw&ranSiteID=TnL5HPStwNw-HD0Iy8FEe1Ypa.QDOprQkQ&epi=TnL5HPStwNw-HD0Iy8FEe1Ypa.QDOprQkQ&irgwc=1&OCID=AIDcmm549zy227_aff_7593_1243925&tduid=%28ir__cevxmjhgxskfdzrubqrmalsqxe2xepde1rz1h9g900%29%287593%29%281243925%29%28TnL5HPStwNw-HD0Iy8FEe1Ypa.QDOprQkQ%29%28%29&irclickid=_cevxmjhgxskfdzrubqrmalsqxe2xepde1rz1h9g900
  3. Microsoft’s Threat Intelligence Blog: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security/blog/topic/threat-intelligence/?sort-by=newest-oldest&date=any


Episode 102 – Microsoft Viva Pulse and Glint

In this episode, we take a deep dive into Microsoft Viva Pulse, the latest product from the Viva suites that helps you measure and improve employee engagement. We also discuss what Viva Glint is and how it differs from Viva Pulse. Finally, we show you how the two products can complement each other and provide insights into your organization’s culture and well-being.


Episode 101 – Our upcoming community events

In this episode, join us as we unveil an exciting lineup of community events set to unfold in the latter half of the year. We’ll be taking you through an enticing roster of conferences where we’ll be sharing our insights, captivating presentations, and giving you an exclusive look at the exciting events we’re organizing right in our local cities. Get ready for a whirlwind of inspiration and connection!


Episode #100 – Special Edition

In honor of reaching our remarkable milestone of 100 episodes, we proudly present a star-studded lineup of distinguished guests who have graced our previous podcasts. Joining us for this special occasion are Karuana Gatimu, Microsoft Principal Program Manager, Customer Advocacy Group; Heidi Jordan, Senior Modern Workplace with Avanade; and Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft. In this special edition, we recapped some of the previous episodes, talk about the community work all our super star guests have contributed to over the years, and we chat about the latest product announcements within the M365 and Power Platform stacks.


Episode # 99 – Microsoft Syntex – Project Archimedes

In this episode, we discuss Project Archimedes, a new feature of Microsoft Syntex that gives you big data analytics for your OneDrive and SharePoint content, so you can derive rich security and capacity insights at scale. We revealed how to configure it and discuss the use case scenarios such as reports on data security in SharePoint or basic reporting on storage.  


Episode # 98 – Sharing our Microsoft Viva experiences

In this episode, we embark on a journey through the extraordinary realm of Microsoft Viva, delving into the intricate details of each product. Discover how these tools can be harnessed to their fullest potential, unlocking immense benefits for your personal and professional growth.z