Episode # 17 – What’s The difference between SharePoint Hub sites and Home Site?

In this episode, we are talking about the difference between a SharePoint Home site and Hub sites, and we are doing it with a social twist bringing some wine tasting and beer tasting during our recording. We will address the key differences between a Home site and a Hub site, what to use when and how we can switch between them.  


Episode # 16 – How much control do you enforce on Microsoft 365 services

In this episode, we answer the question about controls in Microsoft 365. This is a broad question that requires multiple answers from different angles. We addressed by talking about:


Episode # 15 – How do you manage a Teams Deployment and implement Teams Governance

In this episode, we are addressing a new question about Teams Deployment and Teams Governance. With Covid-19 and many if us are working remotely, a lot of organizations are taking the fast track to migrate to the Microsoft cloud to keep their employees connected. This requires organizations to properly plan the deployment of Microsoft Teams and put some governance structure around to make sure they don’t end up with a Teams sprawl. This episode will address some of the options to quickly deploy Microsoft Teams without compromising its governance.


Episode # 14 – Protecting your data in Microsoft 365 – a quick walkthrough of the M365 security settings

In this episode, we dive into the M365 security settings to discuss how you can protect your data. We cover authentication options and identity protection, data security policies, Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), protecting the content, limiting 3rd party connectors in Power Automate, and how to protect sharing content from SharePoint and OneDrive.


Episode # 13 – How do you manage your content lifecycle from Microsoft Teams to your corporate Intranet?

If you are new to Microsoft 365 or you have been using SharePoint for years and you are deploying Microsoft Teams, how do you manage the lifecycle of a document? Many organizations have Microsoft Teams for either private departmental collaboration, projects collaboration, etc. and they share information publicly to the Organization via an Intranet. Some use cases will require a department like HR, IT, Finance, etc., to share documents out of Teams to the Intranet so they are accessible by everyone.

This episode addresses many options regarding the management of your documents and a recommended approach to facilitate the document routing from Teams to everyone.


Episode #12 – How do you set up a strategy for Yammer?

Our HR and Corporate Communications department is nervous about GIFs and having Yammer groups about non-business topics. In this new episode we are discussing strategies to deploy Yammer in your organization.


Episode # 11 – Are Metadata, Content types and Taxonomy still relevant in SharePoint Online?

We are welcoming Sarah Haase, our new member to M365 Voice podcast, and we are discussing if Metadata, Content Types and Taxonomy are still relevant in SharePoint Online. All of us are sharing our experience and opinion in this topic and answering questions many of our clients have been wondering about.


Episode # 10 – Microsoft Teams Private Channel

This episode covers what are the Private Channels in Microsoft Teams, how they behave and what is the underlying design of them.

We will cover the functional limitation, architecture, and the use cases to deploy a Private Channel vs. a New Microsoft Team.


Episode # 9 – Working from home

In this episode, we share our experience in working from home and how we are leveraging technologies like Microsoft Teams to stay connected with your peers. In addition to sharing our daily activities in a WFH environment, we dive into some Microsoft Teams features that will be very helpful in managing your online meeting and video chats.


Episode # 8 – The new landscape of a SharePoint Developer

We are happy to have Sébastien Levert as our guest speaker in this episode to talk us about his experience embracing the development world in Office 365. He shared with us the journey he took from being a “SharePoint Developer” to a “Web Developer” in the cloud, and his recommendations on how to upgrade your skills.

Sébastien Levert Office Development MVP, a Microsoft Certified Software Developer and works at Valo Intranet. Seb is speaking regularly at conferences around the world like SharePoint Saturdays, European SharePoint Conference and European Collaboration Summit. Even though he loves travelling, he loves his local community where he is an organizer of the Quebec SharePoint User Group, an organizer of MSDEVMTL and an organizer of 2 SharePoint Saturdays (Quebec & Montreal). You can read Seb’s blog at www.sebastienlevert.com and you can follow his tweets at @sebastienlevert.


Episode # 7 – Project Cortex

In this episode we are talking about Microsoft’s new cloud service, Project Cortex, that serves as your organization’s knowledge network in the Microsoft Cloud helping your people become more productive utilizing Microsoft applications they already know.

Project Cortex can help your organization automatically gain valuable insights by capturing content, extracting data, organizing information and building a knowledge network from the information you already have. This allows your organization to improve compliance policies, enhance productivity and leverage knowledge quickly and easily. The new cloud service uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically and intelligently process content so organizations can immediately start to turn that data into knowledge.


Episode # 6 – New Roles in Microsoft 365

Office 365 Notification MC183135 (Roadmap item 52624) informs us about a new Roles page added to the modern Office 365 Admin Center. Tenants often have difficulty tracking exactly what account holds what administrative role, and the new page is designed to help. The change is now rolling out across Office 365.

In this episode we discuss the new Roles introduced in the Office 365 Admin Center, what they mean and how they can help organizations have better control over administrative privileges in their tenant.


Episode # 5: Introduction to Sensitivity and Retention Labels

In this Episode, Antonio explains to us the different between Sensitivity and Retention labels, how to set them up, the way to apply them manually or automatically, and where to apply them. We also discuss different scenarios to create a Sensitivity label and how to use a Retention label.


Episode # 4: What’s new with Microsoft Search

In this episode, we go deep dive into the latest announcements and features of Microsoft Search, the new features and the upcoming releases. This episode covers the following main topics:

  1. New Microsoft Search Admin Center
  2. Unified Search Experience across the platform
  3. Semantic Search
  4. Acronym Search
  5. Customized Search
  6. Graph Search API


Episode # 3: Live from #MSIgnite 2019 with Karuana Gatimu

In this episode, live from Microsoft Ignite 2019, we are privileged to have Karuana Gatimu, Directory of Customer Advocacy Group at Microsoft, as our guest to talk to us about the latest Updates about Microsoft Teams.


Episode # 2 – Ignite 2019 Live Updates with Laurie Pottmeyer

We launched our first episode at Microsoft Ignite 2019 with Laurie Pottmeyer, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, to review the most exciting announcements in regards to Microsoft Teams.


Episode # 1 – Introducing M365 Voice

In this short episode, we will briefly talk about the M365 Voice podcasts, the purpose and the details of our future podcasts. This is an introductory podcast about the M365 VoicePodcast; it describes the type of podcasts, the frequency and the format. We will be talking about the Microsoft M365 suite, specifically about #Office365, #EMS, and #Windows10. Our Podcast will be monthly published on this site, YouTube channel and Apple Podcast.