Episode # 42 – Get to know your podcasters

We kick-off 2021 with a Podcast to introduce ourselves. This get to know your podcasters’ podcast is an opportunity for us to share with our audience our personal information, experience, what we like and do not like, and a brief overview of our daily lives.


Episode # 41 – Our Microsoft 365 favorite moments of 2020

In this episode, we do a year in review of 2020 and what were our personal favorite moments of 2020. We talk about various technical and no-technical events, features, community contributions and the lifestyle changed by Covid-19. We reviewed many new features, and we shared our perspectives on each one of them. This is the last episode of 2020 and we will resume in early 2021 with the hope of a better year ahead. Happy New Year!


Episode # 40 – A journey to Microsoft Teams with Laurie Pottmeyer

In this episode, we are excited to have Laurie Pottmeyer, Senior Program Manager, Community lead for Microsoft Teams, joining us to talk about Microsoft Teams, new capabilities, latest releases, and future road map. We have taken turns to ask our guests a wide range of questions about new announcements, pro tips, personal experience with the product, and other great ways to use Teams. Laurie shares with us the best way to successfully deploy Teams, how to reach out for help from the Tech Community and what is on the menu for future releases.

Here are some online resources Laurie shared with us that can help you with your Teams adoption, planning, and deployment:






Episode # 39 – How do you know how many labels to use in Microsoft Information Protection?

In this episode we discuss how you can deploy Microsoft Information Protection labels. Should you use the out of the box labels, should you add more, and if you do, what is the magic number of sensitivity labels you should have in your tenant? We also talk about options on the deployment of the labels, best practices and what you should do and not do.


Episode # 38 – In a Microsoft Teams’ world, is Inbox 0 now achievable?

Microsoft Teams’ usage is growing daily, and we are now more dependent on it in our daily communication and collaboration than emails. But does this mean we can achieve an inbox 0 and do not need to be dependent on our outlook? In this episode we discuss different opinions on how to best manage your communication and emails. Are you a team Sarah with less than 25 in your inbox, team Antonio with less than 400 or team Mike with an infinite ∞ emails? Let us know what you think.  


Episode # 37 – Battling Fear and Toxicity in the Workplace

We have the pleasure in this episode to host Heather, Power Platform Community Success Lead with Microsoft to talk about a dear topic to all of us. Heather is a leader in the Tech Community space and frequent speaker in many events and online promoting diversity, inclusion, equality, and a healthy workplace environment. Heather shares with us great tips on this sensitive subject and we learned so much from her own experience in this space.


Episode # 36 – Discussing Microsoft Search with Bill Baer

We are excited to have Bill Baer, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Search, as our special guests to talk about the latest Microsoft Search announcements. Talking to Bill is like opening a treasure box to find so many goodies in it. In this episode, we will dive into Search Answers, Topic Search, Find Skills and Expertise, Image and Power BI Search, Personal Query History, the evolution of SharePoint Search to Microsoft search and many more. Bill also walks through the roadmap and the future of Microsoft Search within Microsoft 365.


Episode # 35 – What’s SharePoint Syntex and what is Project Cortex?

Microsoft recently announced at Ignite 2020 a new initiative from Project Cortex called SharePoint Syntex. In this episode we talk about the details of the new service and how Microsoft is transforming Content Services by adding AI and intelligence to content capturing. This is a game changer as it allows the platform to automatically classify, tag and apply retention to a document or form based when it scans its content. The human interaction is no longer needed, and this will drive the productivity of the users with content management. Watch this episode and let us know what you think.


Episode # 34 – Where to share files from SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive?

Many users are often confused when they collaborate with others when it comes to sharing files; they want to make sure they are sharing them securely and correctly. There are few different ways to share a file internally or externally using different platforms. In this episode, we shed the light on how you can share files, what are the use cases and where you can share them from. We also highlight the security around sharing files, and you can manage any file you shared with others.


Episode # 33 – Discussing SharePoint Home Site with DC Padur

We are excited to have DC Padur, Product Manager at Microsoft, SharePoint Experiences, with us to discuss the SharePoint Home site and the latest announcements from Microsoft Ignite. In this episode, DC  answered many questions from us regarding the features of the Home site, scenarios where you can use it or not, the difference between a Home site and other communication site, and many other goodies.


Episode # 32 – Are SharePoint Hubs actually site collections?

In this episode, we address the question if SharePoint Hub sites are actually site collections. We explain how Hub sites are configured, what are the features and you can enable a site to be a hub site. We go through multiple scenarios and we address the best practice to deploy Hubs for your intranets.


Episode # 31 – The best way to keep up with M365 changes and updates so you stay ahead of your users

Microsoft 365 Admins have the challenge to keep up with all the updates rolled out with the platform and will need a way to stay ahead of the users when it comes to changes. In this episode, we suggest multiple ways for the M365 Admins to make sure they are not overwhelmed with the constant changes, how to delegate and where to keep up with the evolving cloud.


Episode # 30 – Discussing Microsoft Lists with Mark Kashman

We are excited to have Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, with us to discuss the latest release of Microsoft Lists. In this episode, Mark answered many questions from us regarding the evolution of Microsoft Lists from SharePoint Lists, how Teams work with Lists, all the different templates, integration with other platform and services, availability, and many more.


Top 5 Features in Microsoft Teams…

Actually, it turned into the Top 20 Features in Microsoft Teams!

Here at M365Voice, we got together for our weekly podcast recently and the question came up: 

“What are your top 5 features in Microsoft Teams are that everyone should know about?” 

We quickly came up with 5 and then we just kept going, round-robin style.  We ended up at 19 top features, and we feel like we could have come up with more.  Then in writing this, we added one more to make it an even 20!  Well, here are those top 20 features in Microsoft Teams that we feel every business user should know about.  Some are big features that are fundamental to using Teams, and others are small features that help to refine the Microsoft Teams experience and make it an awesome tool to work with when collaborating with others.  We hope that some of these are helpful to you. 


Episode # 29 – When do you recommend using a SharePoint Communication Site vs. a SharePoint Team Site?

In this episode, we answer the question about what to where? Should I use a SharePoint Communication site or a SharePoint Team site? We explore the different features for both sites and the differences in each one of them, and we review what it means when you collaborate with others vs. when you share the information with the rest of the organization.


Episode # 28 – How can organizations today stay on top of changes in M365?

Changes in Microsoft 365 are constant, and organizations always need to stay on top of the changes and how to address them. In this episode, we address how M365 admins can manage all the changes to make sure any updates are handled appropriately within the tenant. We review many different options to stay connected to all the changes and what are the best strategies to deal with this evolving cloud world.


Episode # 27 – Immediate steps to take when you experience a data breach in Microsoft 365

In this episode, we dive into security in Microsoft 365. Like nay other platform, hackers may attempt to get into your tenant to phish for information and cause disturbance in your daily work life. We review options on what to do when you have a data breach in M365 and what actions you should take to correct the breach. We also discuss measures that you can take to minimize the data breach and secure your tenant from future attacks.


Episode # 26 – How do you refer to Team’s Teams, Planner’s Plan, etc. in your organization?

A common question and scenario we always face in our daily lives is how we refer to services in Microsoft 365. Few of the users are confused by the terms that are not familiar with and do not call the instance related to a service in its proper term. For example, we hear Team’s Teams or Planner’s Plan to refer to a Team or a Plan, where many users feel they are being repetitive. This episode shows our experience in the platform and how we converse with each other on a daily basis with the proper Microsoft 365 terms.


Episode # 25 – which Microsoft 365 mobile apps do you use the most and why

In this episode, we discuss our most used Microsoft 365 mobile apps and which ones we use the most. We do another round table where we share our personal experience and the mobile apps and how we use them on daily basis.


Episode # 24 – When to self-service or not?

The question in this episode was “When to self-service or not”. We address this governance question on how to control the creation of Office 365 groups, SharePoint , Teams, Planner and Yammer Communities. It is a question that every organization faces to balance between proper governance and opening self-service creation to the end users. We provide multiple options on this topic and we share with you our best pick to manage the sprawl in your tenant.