Episode # 78 – How do you plan large scale migrations?

In this episode, we review the details and steps to deploy a large-scale migration, that consists of 20,000+ users and over a 100TBs of data. We discuss in detail the different stages of such a migration from the analysis phase, to planning, to pre-migration, migration, then training and support. In this episode, we focus on the SharePoint on-premises to Online migration and what specifics companies will need to consider when moving to the cloud.


Episode # 67 – Should we use OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint to share important corporate documents

In this episode we address this question from one of our listeners: We are just beginning to use office365. We have our important documents in OneDrive. We wish to share these files with others. Should we jump to teams? Or can we start sharing the files on SharePoint.

We review the options of sharing files from OneDrive or SharePoint, and where is the best to collaborate and co-author documents. We discuss the pros and cons of each option, and we give our recommendation, taken into consideration compliance around the documents.


Episode # 66 – How do organization approach SharePoint news article comments?

In this episode, we will discuss a popular topic about comments about disabling news article comments in your tenant. There are multiple ways to disable them from the tenant level down to the pages level. Each scenario has a different use case, where we discuss how to best achieve taking control of the page comments.


Episode # 62 – Do you ever do migration again once you have migrated to M365 and SharePoint Online?

In this episode, we discuss a topic that all of us has faced regarding upgrading your content within SharePoint Online. Do we ever have to upgrade again once we have migrated to Microsoft 365? We talk about how new features are being released in SPO, and when it is necessary to do another migration/revamp of content in your portal. Does the technology drive the update in M365 or is it driven by other design change decisions?


Episode # 56 – M365 Information Architecture – How much control does your organization have?

In this episode, we discuss a very popular topic about your information architecture in M365. Where do you stop your control over your information architecture in M3365, specifically in SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams? Where do you draw the line allowing your business users to manage your SharePoint sites, lists, library, folder, or metadata. Do you go the wild west route, allowing the users to manage the information, or do you have a governing body manage that?


Episode # 54 – Automate the application of metadata to documents in SharePoint Online

In this episode, we address the question from our audience on how we can automate metadata in SharePoint Online documents. We propose few solutions that we have traditionally implemented such as default column values, document properties, bulk editing, workflows, or SharePoint Syntex.


Episode # 49 – Would you ever use SharePoint Online for collaboration without Teams?

With Microsoft Teams being the primary solutions  for collaboration, we address the question if we ever use SharePoint Online without Teams, and would we ever use SharePoint Online for collaboration without Teams. We discuss how and where SharePoint is used best, the ability to include your SharePoint Online communication sites, intranet, and other element of content publishing to the organization via SharePoint.


Episode # 43 – SharePoint Online Branding with Thomas Daly

We are excited to host Thomas Daly, Microsoft MVP, Collaboration Director at SOHO Dragon, to talk to us about Branding in SharePoint modern. We had fun talking to him about the possibilities of branding in the modern world, the limitations, and best practices to deploy your corporate branding in SharePoint Online. He walked us through his experience, what to do and what to avoid, and he definitely suggested no to try injecting code to change OOTB SharePoint behavior.


Episode # 35 – What’s SharePoint Syntex and what is Project Cortex?

Microsoft recently announced at Ignite 2020 a new initiative from Project Cortex called SharePoint Syntex. In this episode we talk about the details of the new service and how Microsoft is transforming Content Services by adding AI and intelligence to content capturing. This is a game changer as it allows the platform to automatically classify, tag and apply retention to a document or form based when it scans its content. The human interaction is no longer needed, and this will drive the productivity of the users with content management. Watch this episode and let us know what you think.


Episode # 34 – Where to share files from SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive?

Many users are often confused when they collaborate with others when it comes to sharing files; they want to make sure they are sharing them securely and correctly. There are few different ways to share a file internally or externally using different platforms. In this episode, we shed the light on how you can share files, what are the use cases and where you can share them from. We also highlight the security around sharing files, and you can manage any file you shared with others.


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