Episode # 43 – SharePoint Online Branding with Thomas Daly

We are excited to host Thomas Daly, Microsoft MVP, Collaboration Director at SOHO Dragon, to talk to us about Branding in SharePoint modern. We had fun talking to him about the possibilities of branding in the modern world, the limitations, and best practices to deploy your corporate branding in SharePoint Online. He walked us through his experience, what to do and what to avoid, and he definitely suggested no to try injecting code to change OOTB SharePoint behavior.


Episode # 35 – What’s SharePoint Syntex and what is Project Cortex?

Microsoft recently announced at Ignite 2020 a new initiative from Project Cortex called SharePoint Syntex. In this episode we talk about the details of the new service and how Microsoft is transforming Content Services by adding AI and intelligence to content capturing. This is a game changer as it allows the platform to automatically classify, tag and apply retention to a document or form based when it scans its content. The human interaction is no longer needed, and this will drive the productivity of the users with content management. Watch this episode and let us know what you think.


Episode # 34 – Where to share files from SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive?

Many users are often confused when they collaborate with others when it comes to sharing files; they want to make sure they are sharing them securely and correctly. There are few different ways to share a file internally or externally using different platforms. In this episode, we shed the light on how you can share files, what are the use cases and where you can share them from. We also highlight the security around sharing files, and you can manage any file you shared with others.


Episode # 33 – Discussing SharePoint Home Site with DC Padur

We are excited to have DC Padur, Product Manager at Microsoft, SharePoint Experiences, with us to discuss the SharePoint Home site and the latest announcements from Microsoft Ignite. In this episode, DC  answered many questions from us regarding the features of the Home site, scenarios where you can use it or not, the difference between a Home site and other communication site, and many other goodies.


Episode # 32 – Are SharePoint Hubs actually site collections?

In this episode, we address the question if SharePoint Hub sites are actually site collections. We explain how Hub sites are configured, what are the features and you can enable a site to be a hub site. We go through multiple scenarios and we address the best practice to deploy Hubs for your intranets.


Episode # 29 – When do you recommend using a SharePoint Communication Site vs. a SharePoint Team Site?

In this episode, we answer the question about what to where? Should I use a SharePoint Communication site or a SharePoint Team site? We explore the different features for both sites and the differences in each one of them, and we review what it means when you collaborate with others vs. when you share the information with the rest of the organization.


Episode # 20 – What are some hurdles to SharePoint adoption, realizing some productivity gains?

In this episode we address the question of how to overcome the hurdles of SharePoint, how to get the users to be excited about SharePoint, and how to realize productivity gains. We talk about what to use when, plan for change management and adoption programs, communications to help organization foster adoption. We give tips on how to take advantage of the full potential of SharePoint and not only a file repository platform.


Episode # 18 – What to use when? When to use a Teams Private Channel vs. Yammer Community or SharePoint site?

In this episode we are addressing a new question on what to use when. When is a good case to use a Microsoft Teams Private Channel vs. a Yammer Community or a SharePoint site? This is a very common scenario we all run into when deploying Microsoft 365 to organizations. We answer this question by providing examples and suggestions on the use cases of each of the platform. We cover how to deal with Private Channels in Teams, what it means to have a private Yammer Community, or if you prefer to have a Private SharePoint Team Site. And of course, we did this over another wine/beer tasting but with a twist!


Episode # 17 – What’s The difference between SharePoint Hub sites and Home Site?

In this episode, we are talking about the difference between a SharePoint Home site and Hub sites, and we are doing it with a social twist bringing some wine tasting and beer tasting during our recording. We will address the key differences between a Home site and a Hub site, what to use when and how we can switch between them.  


Episode # 13 – How do you manage your content lifecycle from Microsoft Teams to your corporate Intranet?

If you are new to Microsoft 365 or you have been using SharePoint for years and you are deploying Microsoft Teams, how do you manage the lifecycle of a document? Many organizations have Microsoft Teams for either private departmental collaboration, projects collaboration, etc. and they share information publicly to the Organization via an Intranet. Some use cases will require a department like HR, IT, Finance, etc., to share documents out of Teams to the Intranet so they are accessible by everyone.

This episode addresses many options regarding the management of your documents and a recommended approach to facilitate the document routing from Teams to everyone.


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