Episode # 61 – Tips, best practices, and clarity around meeting notes & the Microsoft Stack

In this episode, we discuss a question from our audience about the best practices on how to handle meeting notes using Microsoft 365. We review few options on how to best take meeting notes, whether you use Microsoft Teams notes classic or modern, using OneNote or even emails, we discuss options and use cases for each scenario.


Episode # 49 – Would you ever use SharePoint Online for collaboration without Teams?

With Microsoft Teams being the primary solutions  for collaboration, we address the question if we ever use SharePoint Online without Teams, and would we ever use SharePoint Online for collaboration without Teams. We discuss how and where SharePoint is used best, the ability to include your SharePoint Online communication sites, intranet, and other element of content publishing to the organization via SharePoint.


Episode # 48 – What are the barriers for organizations using Microsoft Teams with external users?

In this episode, we discuss a very common question that most organizations face when it comes to opening Teams to external users and guests. We will address the best practices, what is required to better secure your tenant for external users and guests, and what are our recommendations to make sure you are on top of the ball game with Teams security settings.


Episode # 40 – A journey to Microsoft Teams with Laurie Pottmeyer

In this episode, we are excited to have Laurie Pottmeyer, Senior Program Manager, Community lead for Microsoft Teams, joining us to talk about Microsoft Teams, new capabilities, latest releases, and future road map. We have taken turns to ask our guests a wide range of questions about new announcements, pro tips, personal experience with the product, and other great ways to use Teams. Laurie shares with us the best way to successfully deploy Teams, how to reach out for help from the Tech Community and what is on the menu for future releases.

Here are some online resources Laurie shared with us that can help you with your Teams adoption, planning, and deployment:






Episode # 38 – In a Microsoft Teams’ world, is Inbox 0 now achievable?

Microsoft Teams’ usage is growing daily, and we are now more dependent on it in our daily communication and collaboration than emails. But does this mean we can achieve an inbox 0 and do not need to be dependent on our outlook? In this episode we discuss different opinions on how to best manage your communication and emails. Are you a team Sarah with less than 25 in your inbox, team Antonio with less than 400 or team Mike with an infinite ∞ emails? Let us know what you think.  


Episode # 34 – Where to share files from SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive?

Many users are often confused when they collaborate with others when it comes to sharing files; they want to make sure they are sharing them securely and correctly. There are few different ways to share a file internally or externally using different platforms. In this episode, we shed the light on how you can share files, what are the use cases and where you can share them from. We also highlight the security around sharing files, and you can manage any file you shared with others.


Top 5 Features in Microsoft Teams…

Actually, it turned into the Top 20 Features in Microsoft Teams!

Here at M365Voice, we got together for our weekly podcast recently and the question came up: 

“What are your top 5 features in Microsoft Teams are that everyone should know about?” 

We quickly came up with 5 and then we just kept going, round-robin style.  We ended up at 19 top features, and we feel like we could have come up with more.  Then in writing this, we added one more to make it an even 20!  Well, here are those top 20 features in Microsoft Teams that we feel every business user should know about.  Some are big features that are fundamental to using Teams, and others are small features that help to refine the Microsoft Teams experience and make it an awesome tool to work with when collaborating with others.  We hope that some of these are helpful to you. 


Episode # 22 – What are the top 5 Teams features every business user should know

We address a new question in this episode about the top 5 Teams features any business user should know. We think there is a long list of great Teams features that everyone should know, and we address them in a fun round robin game. Each one of us presented a personal favorite Teams feature and described its functionality and why we like it. We hope you enjoy them as well!


Episode # 18 – What to use when? When to use a Teams Private Channel vs. Yammer Community or SharePoint site?

In this episode we are addressing a new question on what to use when. When is a good case to use a Microsoft Teams Private Channel vs. a Yammer Community or a SharePoint site? This is a very common scenario we all run into when deploying Microsoft 365 to organizations. We answer this question by providing examples and suggestions on the use cases of each of the platform. We cover how to deal with Private Channels in Teams, what it means to have a private Yammer Community, or if you prefer to have a Private SharePoint Team Site. And of course, we did this over another wine/beer tasting but with a twist!


Episode # 15 – How do you manage a Teams Deployment and implement Teams Governance

In this episode, we are addressing a new question about Teams Deployment and Teams Governance. With Covid-19 and many if us are working remotely, a lot of organizations are taking the fast track to migrate to the Microsoft cloud to keep their employees connected. This requires organizations to properly plan the deployment of Microsoft Teams and put some governance structure around to make sure they don’t end up with a Teams sprawl. This episode will address some of the options to quickly deploy Microsoft Teams without compromising its governance.


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