Episode # 44 – Discussing SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva with Chris McNulty

In this episode, we are delighted to have Chris McNulty, Director of Product Marketing, Office 365, to talk to us about SharePoint Cortex and the latest announcement of Microsoft Viva. It was great to hear his insights on Project Cortex, Topics, and details on SharePoint Syntex like document curation, auto labelling, document understanding, metadata processing, OCR, and many other goodies. We were also fortunate to have him talking about Microsoft Viva, Employee experience, Insights, and Learning in detail.


Episode # 35 – What’s SharePoint Syntex and what is Project Cortex?

Microsoft recently announced at Ignite 2020 a new initiative from Project Cortex called SharePoint Syntex. In this episode we talk about the details of the new service and how Microsoft is transforming Content Services by adding AI and intelligence to content capturing. This is a game changer as it allows the platform to automatically classify, tag and apply retention to a document or form based when it scans its content. The human interaction is no longer needed, and this will drive the productivity of the users with content management. Watch this episode and let us know what you think.


Episode # 7 – Project Cortex

In this episode we are talking about Microsoft’s new cloud service, Project Cortex, that serves as your organization’s knowledge network in the Microsoft Cloud helping your people become more productive utilizing Microsoft applications they already know.

Project Cortex can help your organization automatically gain valuable insights by capturing content, extracting data, organizing information and building a knowledge network from the information you already have. This allows your organization to improve compliance policies, enhance productivity and leverage knowledge quickly and easily. The new cloud service uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically and intelligently process content so organizations can immediately start to turn that data into knowledge.