Episode # 36 – Discussing Microsoft Search with Bill Baer

We are excited to have Bill Baer, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Search, as our special guests to talk about the latest Microsoft Search announcements. Talking to Bill is like opening a treasure box to find so many goodies in it. In this episode, we will dive into Search Answers, Topic Search, Find Skills and Expertise, Image and Power BI Search, Personal Query History, the evolution of SharePoint Search to Microsoft search and many more. Bill also walks through the roadmap and the future of Microsoft Search within Microsoft 365.


Episode # 4: What’s new with Microsoft Search

In this episode, we go deep dive into the latest announcements and features of Microsoft Search, the new features and the upcoming releases. This episode covers the following main topics:

  1. New Microsoft Search Admin Center
  2. Unified Search Experience across the platform
  3. Semantic Search
  4. Acronym Search
  5. Customized Search
  6. Graph Search API