Episode # 76 – How do we use OneDrive?

In this episode, we dig into our personal experience on how we use OneDrive to manage our work-related files. It is always great and interesting to see and compare how each one of us handles OneDrive usage differently. A lot of great tips from the podcasters in this episode.


Episode # 67 – Should we use OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint to share important corporate documents

In this episode we address this question from one of our listeners: We are just beginning to use office365. We have our important documents in OneDrive. We wish to share these files with others. Should we jump to teams? Or can we start sharing the files on SharePoint.

We review the options of sharing files from OneDrive or SharePoint, and where is the best to collaborate and co-author documents. We discuss the pros and cons of each option, and we give our recommendation, taken into consideration compliance around the documents.


Episode # 58 – When and how do you use OneDrive?

In this episode, we review the use of OneDrive in our professional and personal lives. We review how the difference use of the consumer OneDrive vs. OneDrive for business, the sync client, sharing files internally and externally, and securing your content. We also discuss the use of the sync client with SharePoint and the integration between OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.


Episode # 34 – Where to share files from SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive?

Many users are often confused when they collaborate with others when it comes to sharing files; they want to make sure they are sharing them securely and correctly. There are few different ways to share a file internally or externally using different platforms. In this episode, we shed the light on how you can share files, what are the use cases and where you can share them from. We also highlight the security around sharing files, and you can manage any file you shared with others.


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