Episode # 41 – Our Microsoft 365 favorite moments of 2020

In this episode, we do a year in review of 2020 and what were our personal favorite moments of 2020. We talk about various technical and no-technical events, features, community contributions and the lifestyle changed by Covid-19. We reviewed many new features, and we shared our perspectives on each one of them. This is the last episode of 2020 and we will resume in early 2021 with the hope of a better year ahead. Happy New Year!


Episode # 31 – The best way to keep up with M365 changes and updates so you stay ahead of your users

Microsoft 365 Admins have the challenge to keep up with all the updates rolled out with the platform and will need a way to stay ahead of the users when it comes to changes. In this episode, we suggest multiple ways for the M365 Admins to make sure they are not overwhelmed with the constant changes, how to delegate and where to keep up with the evolving cloud.


Episode # 28 – How can organizations today stay on top of changes in M365?

Changes in Microsoft 365 are constant, and organizations always need to stay on top of the changes and how to address them. In this episode, we address how M365 admins can manage all the changes to make sure any updates are handled appropriately within the tenant. We review many different options to stay connected to all the changes and what are the best strategies to deal with this evolving cloud world.


Episode # 27 – Immediate steps to take when you experience a data breach in Microsoft 365

In this episode, we dive into security in Microsoft 365. Like nay other platform, hackers may attempt to get into your tenant to phish for information and cause disturbance in your daily work life. We review options on what to do when you have a data breach in M365 and what actions you should take to correct the breach. We also discuss measures that you can take to minimize the data breach and secure your tenant from future attacks.


Episode # 26 – How do you refer to Team’s Teams, Planner’s Plan, etc. in your organization?

A common question and scenario we always face in our daily lives is how we refer to services in Microsoft 365. Few of the users are confused by the terms that are not familiar with and do not call the instance related to a service in its proper term. For example, we hear Team’s Teams or Planner’s Plan to refer to a Team or a Plan, where many users feel they are being repetitive. This episode shows our experience in the platform and how we converse with each other on a daily basis with the proper Microsoft 365 terms.


Episode # 25 – which Microsoft 365 mobile apps do you use the most and why

In this episode, we discuss our most used Microsoft 365 mobile apps and which ones we use the most. We do another round table where we share our personal experience and the mobile apps and how we use them on daily basis.


Episode # 24 – When to self-service or not?

The question in this episode was “When to self-service or not”. We address this governance question on how to control the creation of Office 365 groups, SharePoint , Teams, Planner and Yammer Communities. It is a question that every organization faces to balance between proper governance and opening self-service creation to the end users. We provide multiple options on this topic and we share with you our best pick to manage the sprawl in your tenant.


Episode # 23 – Microsoft 365 is huge, where would you recommend companies start?

In this episode, we discuss the big question where you should start implementing Microsoft 365. There are many ways to deploy M365 and we review the best practice scenarios of which service to do first, but we also dive into the exceptions that companies must do. Even with the exceptions, we recommend some standard practices any organization should follow to have a proper deployment of the cloud without many re-dos or re-configurations.


Episode # 21 – How fast can you realistically move an organization into Microsoft 365 during COVID?

In this episode, we address the question on how fast we can onboard an organization into the Microsoft cloud. We review the deployment of the platform within normal circumstances and during COVID, explaining what organizations are doing to fast track the enablement of remote users. We also address how you can follow proper procedures to implement best practices when it comes to Security, Governance, and user adoption, even if you have accelerated the deployment of the Microsoft 365 services.


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