Episode # 65 – Talking Microsoft Viva – Connections

In this episode we start a series of few sessions to review all of Microsoft Viva components, Learning, Insights, Topics and Learning. We start with Viva Connections, the gateway to the employee experience, where we review the purpose and use of it, how to configure and deploy it to your organization. We get a bit of technical to review the requirements and the steps to implement Connections.


Episode # 44 – Discussing SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva with Chris McNulty

In this episode, we are delighted to have Chris McNulty, Director of Product Marketing, Office 365, to talk to us about SharePoint Cortex and the latest announcement of Microsoft Viva. It was great to hear his insights on Project Cortex, Topics, and details on SharePoint Syntex like document curation, auto labelling, document understanding, metadata processing, OCR, and many other goodies. We were also fortunate to have him talking about Microsoft Viva, Employee experience, Insights, and Learning in detail.


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