Episode 109 – Accessibility within Microsoft tools

In this episode, we continue our talk about the accessibility features within Microsoft, and specifically the ease-of-use features of:

  1. Focus feature on Windows 11
  2. Color filters feature in Windows 11
  3. Read aloud, a feature that we had fun trying out during the podcast and it worked really well.


Episode 107 – Accessibility in Microsoft 365

In this episode, Sarah shares with us her work and experience with the accessibility features in Microsoft 365. M365 offers a lot of ways to overcome accessibility in many services, however in this episode, we focus on 4 items:

  • Personalized closed captioning in Teams meetings
  • Personal transcription settings and the filter on specific words
  • Immersive Reader
  • Inline translation

In the future, we will be hosting another episode to talk about more accessibility elements in M365.